Single Crochet & Chain Stitch Variation

This combination reminds me of the Ladder Stitch. It’s quick and easy and can be used for so many kinds of projects.

Chain any multiple of 4.

Row 1: sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc in next chain, *ch3, skip next 3 ch, sc in next ch, repeat from * across to last ch, sc in last ch, turn.

Row 2: ch1, sc in 1st 2 sc, *ch3, skip next ch3 sp, sc in next sc, repeat from * across, sc in last sc, turn.

Repeat Row 2 for pattern.

If you’d like to give this a try on a project, I suggest doing a row of single crochet for the first row and a single crochet as the last row. This will give your pattern or project a more finished look.

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