3 Simple Stretches for Crocheters

As crocheters we sit . . . a lot! It’s not hard to sit for hours while we’re crocheting, but it is hard on our bodies. But there are some simple things we can do to prevent our bodies from feeling the aches and pains of crocheting. Below are some basic stretches for crocheters that will get your body moving.

When I wrote the post “Crochet is Good for Your Health…..Most of the Time” I listed some reasons that crochet is not good for us. But that got me thinking…. Crocheting is definitely healthy for our minds and our mental well being, but what can we be doing to make sure our bodies stay healthy while we sit for hours on end?

3 Simple Stretches for Crocheters

Chest Stretch – Let’s face it, we’re looking down for (sometimes) hours a day. Even if we look up at Netflix, we still spend most of our crochet time with our heads down and body leaning forward. Try to remember to sit upright more often (remember good posture from elementary school).

You can also reach behind your back and clasp your hands together to open up your upper chest muscles – see below for options. Pull your hands toward the floor by trying to straighten your elbows. Hold this position for a few seconds and then repeat. You can do this throughout the day. (Make sure you don’t force your hands together or hold this position for too long. This may have been one of the contributing factors to my tennis elbow.)

Neck Stretches – Slowly tilt your head side to side and then up and down (front and back). You can also slowly rotate your neck in circles. These will help your neck feel less stiff.

Hand & Wrist – This may be the biggest one we need to work on as crocheters. My hands are always in a cupped position no matter how much I try to stretch them out – and I stretch them a lot. Below is a simple way to stretch not only your hand but your forearm as well.

Place the fingers of one hand and put them into the palm of the opposite hand. Gently pull down your palm while trying to straighten your forearm. You will most likely feel a stetch up the inside of your arm (I even feel it in my tennis elbow). Alternate hands back and forth a few times and then repeat throughout the day. Idealy you will want to get your hand to a point where when you stretch it your fingers stay flat and not curl in toward the palm.

And don’t forget . . . .
Get up and walk – it’s good for your heart!

Please Note: I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. I am just sharing what I do to stretch. As always, if you have pain, have chronic issues in any of the areas listed above, or feel like there is something wrong, please see a doctor.

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