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12 Days of Free Crochet Patterns – Day 7

As we continue our 12 Days of Crochet Patterns, there is one designer in particular I think of when I think ‘fashion’…..Cindy Kamps.  Her patterns are super easy to read!  She breaks them down by step, not by row or round to prevent any confusion, 


Ok, most of you know I have a yarn hoarding problem.  I’m working on it….really, I am!  I’m trying really hard not to buy any yarn.  I even went out and invested in clear tubs so I could better see what I already have.  (I 

>Frog It

>I have been trying to design this hat for months.  It was originally supposed to be an Easter hat for Abby, but I just couldn’t get it done.  Abby’s mom was very patient with me (thank you Greta).  I can’t tell you how many times 

>Baby Crocheter? – Maybe Someday

> This post should look at a different way to present content on your blog. This can take one of many forms, but here a few suggestions: Wordless, photographic post Video blog post Today, I don’t have any tips, thoughts, etc.  Just sharing how I 

My Mother – The Enabler

First, let me say, I love my mother.  I’m not calling her an enabler.  That’s what she called herself.  Let me give you a few quick & condensed descriptions of my mother. (you will need it for this story to be funny). She grew up in 

>You Know You’re A Yarnaholic When . . . . .

>I live 1/2 hour from the closest craft store, grocery store, warehouse club, etc.  Because of the price of gas, I’ve been trying to consolidate trips into town.  Hubby only gets paid every other week, so yesterday and today were shopping days for me (with all 

>If I Crochet Really Fast Can I Count It As Excercise?

> I love this shelf sitter! I think I need one. You can purchase them at Red Heart. They have knit ones, & yarn ones, too. (this is my own personal opinion, they are not paying me to do this product review) As I laughed