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How to Finish Your Crochet Gifts by Christmas

How to Finish Your Crochet Gifts by Christmas

As Christmas approaches most of us wonder how we’re going to get crochet projects done in time. We prioritze who we’ll see before Christmas against who we won’t see until the day after. We stay up until midnight on Christmas Eve and into the early 

Preparing for the Holidays

Holidays – they come from out of nowhere, and they sneak up on us fast – especially if you’re a gift maker. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ll still be crocheting on Christmas Eve. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who does 

Organize Your Yarn Stash in 4 Easy Steps

Are you overwhelmed by your yarn stash? Do you feel like you have yarn everywhere? Do you find yourself buying more yarn for your next project because you have no idea where you put the yarn you think you could use? Block off a day 

Organizing My Yarn Stash

My goal for this year was to use up my yarn stash.  In order to do this I decided to start by getting my stash organized.  We have a woodstove, which creates tremendous amounts of dust, so I decided to get some clear plastic totes to store