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Organize Your Yarn Stash in 4 Easy Steps

Are you overwhelmed by your yarn stash? Do you feel like you have yarn everywhere? Do you find yourself buying more yarn for your next project because you have no idea where you put the yarn you think you could use? Block off a day 

Getting It Done

‘Finish What You Start’ – I’m terrible in this area!  I have so many ideas that float around in my head, that I will keep starting new projects. My 95% completed projects always seem to get neglected!  So, I’ve decided it’s time to get my 

I Love Yarn Day Giveaway

It’s I Love Yarn Day…so I thought I would do a one day giveaway!  I have SOOO much yarn that I thought I would give some away. (3 skeins, in bundle #1, are partial skeins.) Leave a comment through Rafflecopter letting me know which bundle 

No Grey???

Do you ever have yarn drama???  I’m talking about the kind where you start to panic because, out of the 1 million skeins of yarn you own, you can’t find the ONE you need?!?!  Yup, that’s me.  All I need is 2 skeins of gray 

My Mother Understands My Yarn “Issues”

Winner of Thursday’s giveaway is…….Tami Dragon. As I think back to all my mother has taught me, I am reminded of just how dedicated she was to her children. Her second greatest accomplishment (in my opinion) was teaching me to crochet. ;)  As I began 

How To Display A Yarn Stash

In a perfect world, I would have a way to display my yarn addiction stash :).  So, I thought it would be fun to go searching for some “what if” inspiration. I LOVE this heart! For now it’s stashed away in totes, but someday….. Happy 

Yarn Diet………FAIL!!!

Ok, I admit it, I’m not really good at diets.  Especially ones that involved giving up something I love. LOL  So, I’m trying not to think of this as starving myself of more beautiful yarn out there, but to use some of the beautiful yarn 

Crochet Resolutions for 2012

Looking back and reviewing, I realized my one resolution for 2011 was to go on a yarn diet…..to which I failed miserably, which is exactly why I don’t normally do “resolutions”.  If there is an area I want to work on, I don’t like to wait until 

Yarn Stash Contest

After I posted the other day (click here to read post) about rewarding myself for losing weight, and using up my stash, I couldn’t believe the responses.  Many said they were jealous of my stash, while others said that was nothing compared to theirs.  So, 

Yarn Diet + Food Diet = Incentive Program

  For those of you that don’t know, this year I put myself on a yarn diet.  The only time I’m allowed to buy any yarn is if I need it for a specific project.  Why you might ask?  I’ll show you……     Now