>Crochet vs. Knitting

>I’m hoping one of my knitting followers, or even a crocheter who knows how to knit will help me.

For years I’ve heard about the tension between knitters and crocheters.  Never having experienced it I used to just laugh it off and think someone was over-exaggerating.  Until this weekend.  There are only 2 LYS’s within 25 miles of my house, so on Saturday I decided it was time to buy some yarn for myself.  I never splurge, but decided I wanted to make something for myself, and I wanted some nice yarn to do it with.  So, I ventured into one of these lovely stores, picked out my yarn, and brought it up front to check out.  The woman who was working proceeded to ask me what I was going to make with it. I told her I wasn’t sure yet, to which she responded, “When you’re ready to use it, come back.  We have some great knitting patterns and I can help you pick one out.”  I very nicely told her I didn’t know how to knit, only crochet.  Well, you would have thought, from that point on, that I had the plague.  She was no longer friendly, didn’t have anything to say, etc.  This is actually the second time this has happened to me in less than 6 months.

So, I’m looking for someone to explain this to me.  From what I understand (and I could be wrong) LYS’s cater to knitters. Why? Why do they see crochet as a negative thing?

On with my story.  So, I get in the car (hubby waited outside for me) only to tell him what had transpired. He said “You didn’t. Why didn’t you just smile and not say anything? You had to, didn’t you?” – He was totally kidding of course, but if I were honest, there is some truth to it. I did have to. I’m not ashamed of being a crocheter! And I’m not ashamed to admit it either! lol

Ok, I’m sorry to all my knitter friends. But really, I’ve never seen this side of any of you, and you’re reading a crochet blog, so obviously you don’t feel that way.  But maybe you can shed some light on the subject…..

Happy Crocheting!

P.S. – I have no hard feelings toward any knitters, and I will go back into the yarn shop again. lol – Just wanted to clarify….. :)

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  • >Being both a crocheter (first, in my book) and a knitter, I have no animosity towards one or the other. Crocheting is more versatile and easier. Besides a lot of crocheters can knit also while there is a dearth of knitters that can crochet. I also think that it is a superior thing.. "Look at me! I can use 2 needles!"The LYS clerk was plain out stupid. Crocheting takes 1/3 more yarn then knitting using a similar pattern… and then to insult a paying customer, I hope you pen a polite letter explaining that you will prefer to shop at the other LYS from now on because of that attitude! Better yet, go into that shop and look around, choose the yarn you like, write it down, and buy it online. If asked what you are doing, explain that you are a "lowly crocheter" you wouldn't besmirch their store with your purchases since last time there, you were treated like last weeks garbage! They will get the message!

  • >ha – Thanks for the idea, but I know I'm not alone. I get a wholesale yarn magazine and the last issue was dedicated on LYS's getting over crocheters and getting them into their stores. There reasoning was more sales, but they know they have an issue. Just bugs me. Told hubby I should open a LYS and cater to crocheters. lol

  • >We have some LYS here… I've contemplated making a visit over to one near by for some help with my knitting… the only problem is they wont help you if you don't buy yarn from them. So I've made a friend out of yourtube and purchase all my yarn from walmart, hobby lobby and michaels. And I am with you… I am a crocheter first and I am just learning to knit. I don't need or want to be abused or discouraged because I am a crocheter learning to knit.

  • >Honestly, this baffles me. People can be so weird. When I was a girl I learned to knit, crochet, needlepoint, embroder, macrame (it was the 70's, afterall), and sew by hand and machine. I even did a little weaving. Mind you, I don't work at a high level with anything but sewing, but I LOVE it all, and I kind of revisit things over the years to try to improve, and because it's fun. I just love working with fibers. I thought that was the whole point!!! I'm guessing it must be an emotional/snobby thing, because it makes no logical or business sense whatever. The manufacturers’ eyes are open; they make yarn and threads for everything. I do wish all the shops would have the same attitude, they would do better. Crying out for unity among all fiber people! I am knitting a scarf right now, and I still love crochet, and I love your blog!

  • >I've been knitting from childhood and last year decided to learn how to crochet as my New Year's challenge. I was oblivious to any issues between knitters and crocheters until I walked into my LYS and asked if they taught crochet and which yarn to start out with – I got a very frosty reception. Needless to say I haven't been back there.A while later (after I'd just about given up on learning to crochet from a book) I found another LYS that marketed itself as being 'crochet-friendly'. I had a private crochet lesson with the store owner to sort out where I'd been going wrong and I haven't looked back since. She gets all my business now. Her store promotes both knitting and crochet and is always very busy.I think it's very short-sighted of LYS's to be snobby about crochet. I honestly can't imagine why they would close themselves off to a huge market segment, but it's their loss. Crocheters will inevitably spend their money in stores that don't exhibit such blatant prejudice – and those stores will thrive as a result.

  • >I crochet a lot and can barely knit. I want to learn more, but just because there are some lovely knit patterns that I want to follow! I have not really shopped in LYSs before, because I mostly buy yarn from Joanns and Michaels, but I think ours are friendly to both. I can't remember anyone telling me otherwise. I have a ravelry friend who designs knit patterns for a certain movie (Twilight) and when I approached her about possibly designing crochet versions, she fully encouraged it! So I think while stores may be prejudice, individuals are not so.Can't we all just love one another??

  • >This is such an important issue for crocheters. I've only experienced it one LYS but I've often experienced it when out and about at various craft events. When I've explained this to people who don't knit or crochet, they think it's the oddest thing ever. But it happens. What I think is really unfortunate is that you don't live in an area with more yarn stores! I'm lucky enough to live in a creative urban area with lots of options for where to buy great yarn so I can frequent the stores that don't behave this way.

  • >I am a crocheter, who knits.. I love the craft..It is a skill to be proud of.. No matter whether you knit or crochet..So from this crafter to all your readers. , The song says…"Hold your head High "… and enjoy the talent that you were blessed with :))Love your blog, :))

  • >I learned both how to knit and crochet as a child. I go back and forth now as the mood hits. I especially love some the challenges of crocheting cables and new patterns using very interesting crochet. I also love knitting and how that comes out. I don't get the "divide" either. And at a store… especially an LYS… why would they alienate customers?

  • >When I was in my 20's (long time ago)an older knitter looked down her nose at my crocheting and said that crocheting lacked the quality knitting does and that knitting far surpasses crochet in design. Well! I know that knitted garments can often look like they are purchased items from a retail store but I don't look at things that way at all. I think of each being a craft unto itself and I think both have their pros and cons. Sheesh! Some people, huh? I always remembered her words because of the snotty way she delivered them.

  • >Thanks for all the feedback ladies. It's so nice to know I'm not alone. As one of you nicely put it, the problem isn't with knitters, the problem is with the stores and marketers. I've wanted to post this for a while, but haven't. Then today I heard some news. That same LYS I had the issue with is going out of business. I wish they had been 'crochet-friendly'. They might have had a chance. It's sad, but now I get to go buy my yarn at 35% – 75% off. :)

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