What Wouldn’t You Crochet?

Is there anything too wacky/weird to crochet?  I guess that depends on the artist, and the recipient.  My husband and I recently had this discussion.  I was surprised at his answer.  He thinks nothing for the bathroom should be crocheted.  Why?  Because, in his mind, it would breed germs.

So, it got me thinking.  Is there something you think should not be crocheted?  Can you at least appreciate the time and effort someone put into whatever it is you wouldn’t make?

This hat is a perfect example.  I laugh every time I see it!  I would never make it, but I can see the amount of work put into it.  For the most part, I don’t think there is anything I can’t at least appreciate from the art perspective.  What about you?  Anything you would never make?

Happy Crocheting!

8 thoughts on “What Wouldn’t You Crochet?”

  • My crocheting skills are awful right now…. But I can knit very well(should have learned crochet first I have been told). I don’t think I would knit a “junk” sock…. I mention this only because a great Aunt of mine(bless her twisted soul), knitted “junk” socks for every male member(lol) of our family one year. She was also terribly senile at that point. It made for a great memory….but just not something I would knit…or crochet… Unless I was giving it to one of the guys from The Red Hot Chili Peppers…. . Then that might be uber cool.

  • As I was reading this, the “Willie Warmer” came to mind! Then I read Johana’s post above and started cracking up!! My daughter and husband BOTH told me to make them over a year ago when I started my business! I just couldn’t bring myself to do it! I mean, how would you go about getting different measurements? LOL However, I can DEFINITELY appreciate the amount of works that goes into items that I wouldn’t consider making…such as the hat you have pictured! That being said, if someone really wanted to order said “warmer”, I would proooobably make one…but I don’t think I would advertise that I made it! There is a woman on Etsy (well, more than one) and in her description, she provides a very nice history about them!

    • haha – I guess I learned something new today. Never knew someone would actually buy one of those. lol

    • LOL… Glad I could make ya laugh…. My great aunt is since long gone…as well as my daddy… One of the things mom couldn’t bear to part with was dad’s “willie warmer”. After all it had his name stitched in it… Couldn’t very well take it to salvation army… I would hate to see someone around town wearing that on their heads…LOL As for measurements… I think you would have to devise “a one size fits most” policy……and make it NONRETURNABLE… Just in cases…

  • I would not crochet Amigurumi. I appreciate the work that goes into them, but it’s too time consuming and not my style. I’ve recently seen someone do a sex ed doll and a birthing doll, they were very detailed on both. Again not something I would do but I still had to share it with my boyfriend when he got home that night. It was so odd seeing them that they stuck in my mind for hours. They definitely made you remember them!

  • lol I had a feeling that the “willie warmer” would be the first thing to get mentioned on here. I couldn’t really mention it since I actually have one on my list of orders to complete. But maybe I should mention that all the orders before that are for my penis shaped chap stick cozys… :)

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