5 Tips for Crocheting in the Summer Heat

Whether you’re new to crochet or you’ve been doing it for years, I’m going to guess that crocheting in the summer heat isn’t your favorite. Usually it doesn’t bother me the entire summer, just on the really hot days. But this year we’ve had a LOT of really hot days. So, it got me thinking.

What kinds of things can we do to make crocheting more enjoyable in the heat of the summer?!

Below are some tips and tricks that I’ve put into practice over the years to get through the middle of summer without having to take a crochet break until the weather cools off.

Sometimes changing up your routine a bit will help keep you in the swing of things. Below are a few things you can do to make crocheting in the summer heat more bearable.

5 Tips for Crocheting in the Summer Heat

  • Thinner weight yarn – Think sport weight or even lace weight.

If you’re like most crocheters, your standard yarn for most projects is a #4 worsted weight yarn. During the summer give lighter weight yarns a try. Use anything from lace weight to a DK/light worsted. Projects like the Colosseum Shawl will not be as heavy and the lighter weight yarn will be better for your fingers/hands.

  • Use cotton yarn – Fiber content matters

Cotton is a breathable fabric and it’s ability to absorb water will be a benefit so that your hands will hopefully not get as sweaty. For projects, think about dishcloths or even summertime hats like the Floppy Brim Sunhat.

  • Work on smaller projects – Projects that can be done in a few minutes to an hour

If you can find projects that can be finished in just a few minutes – like this little Sunshine applique – or even an hour – like this coffee cozy – then you’ll feel like you’re accomplishing something even with the heat. Another great way is to work on projects that have pieces like the Play Ball Sports blanket or individual afghan squares.

  • Set a timer – Limit the amount of time you have a yarn and hook in your hand.

I know . . . . easier said than done. But by doing short spurts you will be more likely to pick the hook up again for another 15 or 30 minutes. When you overdo it and your hands get all hot and sweaty, you’re less likely to want to keep crocheting.

  • Time of day – Keep an eye on the weather.

Maybe fit your crocheting time in early in the morning before the kids get up, or late at night after they go to bed. Those are usually cooler temps, which will help.

You may still crochet less during the summer months, but these will help prevent you from going the entire summer without picking up your hook. Sometimes just a few minutes of crochet will help us relax and take the stress of life down a notch.

Happy Crocheting!

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