22 Fun Facts Only a Crocheter Would Understand

There are just certain terms, phrases, and other “things” that only a crocheter would understand. As a crocheter, you probably know how hard it is to explain these things to a non-crocheter.

And it can be frustrating because you want to share, laugh, or discuss these with the people who mean the most to you! But if you’re like me, and the non-crocheters in your life really don’t understand why you get excited about having 2 inches left over when you finish a project (instead of running out with 2 inches left), or even that you published a pattern that got shared ‘X number of times’, then you’re not alone.

Sometimes it’s just nice to know that there is a community of crocheters who ‘get it’!

Check out these fun facts that only a crocheter would understand!

22 Fun Facts Only a Crocheter Would Understand

1. Crocheting isn’t just for your grandmother – This used to be much more prominent than it is now but I still feel like the middle aged and older generally see it as a grandmother thing. (probably because that’s how they grew up)

2. Crocheting can be a real job – I’m proving it! And I tell people all the time that just because I work in the hobby industry doesn’t mean it’s a hobby job or income.

3. Crocheting is so much more than yarn and a hook – There is so much beauty in the colors, yarn, finished pieces. It still amazes me all of the stunning crochet that I see!

4. So many hats, so little time! – I’m not even a hat person and yet I want to make SO many of the hats I see. They’re gorgeous!

5. How long it actually takes to make a blanket (or anything really!) – “Can you make me a hat? I’d like for for a costume party this weekend.” I’ve heard some variation of that so many times. People have no idea how long it really takes to make something.

6. Black yarn is a pain to work with – If you’ve ever worked with black yarn I don’t need to explain this. If you’ve never tried to crochet with black yarn, my suggestion is to make sure you have a LOT of light!

7. Our obsession with yarn! – It starts with a soft yarn, or a pretty color, and before you know it, it’s out of control. Most non-crocheters don’t get it. (They may however support your yarn stash, which is great!)

8. Our obsession with patterns! – With all the gorgeous patterns I see, it would take me at least 2 lifetimes to get through them all . . . . and that’s not including new ones I haven’t seen yet!

9. Our obsession with hooks! – Can you say couch monster? This is why I own like 5 size I/9 hooks and can never find a single one!

10. We can watch a Netflix series and have no idea what anyone looks like – I don’t watch a ton of tv/Netflix, etc. But when I do I always have a crochet project with me and am looking down.

11. ALL the abbreviations – To most people all of our abbreviations look like Greek hieroglyphics, but we get it. If you’re still fairly new to crochet, you can see my List of Abbreviations and get a free, printable download of it.

12. Organizing it all – Projects everywhere, yarn everywhere . . . . and yet somehow it’s all organized in our mind. Or at least most of the time – with the exception of the missing hook or pattern that seems to have been lost in cyberspace somewhere.

13. The Christmas List – I’m pretty sure only a crocheter would understand why we start planning our Christmas “to-make” list on Dec. 26th. And even moreso, why we want to make everyone who means anything to us a special crocheted item.

14. It’s addicting – Self explanatory, but you don’t realize it until you try it for yourself.

15. Just one more row – I’ll go to bed after this row. I’ll make the kids dinner after this row. I’ll take a shower after this row. I’m sure you get it.

16. How satisfying and peaceful it is – It’s a proven stress reliever. If you google search it there are tons of medical research studies that prove it’s a stress reliever. This article from Plymouth Yarn Magazine sums it up nicely though.

17. The feeling you get when someone compliments your work – There’s just something about it when you get a compliment about one of your creations. Whether it’s from a fellow crocheter or a non-crafter it just lifts your soul and makes you smile.

18. When all you want to do is talk about your project – My kids, my family, yeah . . . . Thankfully my mom tries really hard to genuinely listen and take it in (she used to crochet years ago). And my kids crochet, but they’re not obsessed with it. Sometimes it’s overkill how much we want to talk about yarn, but that’s what the crochet community is for. We get it!

19. UFO’s are real – I don’t even want to think about how many UnFinished Objects (projects) I have left for dead over the years.

20. Crocheting is so much more than a finished piece – We put so much love, passion, and soul into everything we make. It can’t be seen, but hopfully it can be felt.

21. The feeling of accomplishment when you finish a big (or difficult) project – I don’t do huge, over-the-top projects often, but when I do, there is such a feeling of accomplishment. Whether it’s crocheting a difficult blanket or a small intricate doily, it’s so satisfying when you finish! My biggest accomplishment was probably my American Flag Blanket. It took me 40 hours of just design time! That didn’t even include the crocheting!

22. You can find some of the most amazing friends in the crochet communities – I have met some of the most amazing people through the crochet community. Many have become friends and one of them even became my best friend.

Did I miss any? If you have something that only the crochet community would understand I’d love for you to add it here.

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