3 Tips for Crocheting the Perfect Baby Gift

You’re invited to a baby shower. Maybe you decide you want to make something special to go with whatever you purchased, like a basket of gifts or filling a diaper bag. Or maybe you want to make something instead of purchasing items. So, how do you know what you should make? Should you be crocheting a baby gift?

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3 Tips for Crocheting the Perfect Baby Gift

I always want to crochet my baby gifts! It’s how I started my business, but it’s more than that. It shows the mom that I love her and wanted to do something special. But how do you know what will be a hit and loved, and what might be less appreciated? Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years.

  1. Check out their registry – Chances are, if you were invited to the baby shower, you may already know where the mom-to-be has her baby registry. If you don’t know, it’s pretty easy to just poke around online and look for her registry. I start with Amazon & Target registries.

  2. Match colors and theme – Once you find the registry, really look at the items. Look for colors and even themes that stand out. When I was going to my cousins baby shower I looked at the registry and quickly realized their common colors were navy, cranberry, as well as a tan/linen color. And the theme was definitely sports. That’s how I designed my Sports Fan Baby Blanket.

  3. Keep with their style – Don’t do frilly if they’re a sports or outdoor kind of family (even if it is a girl). And if they want girly, try to make it a little more lacy or extravagant than you would for something like a gender neutral gift. Your gift will be much more loved if you make it based on their likes, rather than what you think would be cute or perfect for them.

There are so many patterns out there to choose from. I encourage you to find something that fits the recipients lifestyle. Don’t forget to take things like yarn into consideration. I always recommend steering clear of furry yarn for babies (you don’t want them getting the fur/strands in their mouth).

I always try to take every one of the above into consideration when crochet a baby gift. It will help make you and the mom-to-be happy with the results.

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