Crocheted Wedding Ideas

With spring just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to look for some crocheted wedding ideas.  Looking back, I would have loved to make my own dress, but I had just started crocheting again after a many years absence, and don’t know if I would have had been able to do it.  This week I ran across this picture…..

Crocheted Wedding Dress

Simply amazing!  But that got me thinking…. Now that crochet is more “acceptable” what other amazing crochet ideas could I come up with for someone who has ambition.  Here’s what I found.

Amazing Wedding Gown
Crocheted Wedding Dress
Bridal Bouquet II
Crocheted Wedding Bouquet
Ivory Shawl Crochet Elegant
Crocheted Elegant Shawl
Crochet Wedding Hairpiece/Headband
Crochet Wedding Necklace
Crochet Wedding Garter
Crochet Wedding Parasol 
Crochet Wedding Shoes 
Wedding Ring Doily

There are some other great ideas out there, but I didn’t want to have 30 pics in one post ;) If you’ve made, or used, crochet in a wedding I’d love to see the pics.

Happy Crocheting!

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