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Keystone Hat Crochet Pattern

Keystone Hat Crochet Pattern

The Keystone Hat crochet pattern was designed as part of the Cancer Challenge. It was created to honor the caregivers who give so much of their time, emotions, and support to help those who are going through cancer and/or chemo. “ Keystone Hat Crochet Pattern 

Climbing Ivy Super Scarf Crochet Pattern

Charity has always been a big part of where my crochet heart is at, so I’m excited to be a part of this year’s scarf drive. Sonya from Blackstone Designs has done all the legwork and gotten a great group of designers together to create scarf 

What to do When a Prayer Shawl Doesn’t Fit

The original prayer shawl ministry began in 1998 and has spread so much in the last 18 years. If you’ve never heard of it, to quick, overall concept is, you make a shawl and pray for the recipient before and while you’re making it, in 

Awareness Ribbons Afghan Project

This Awareness Ribbon Project is my newest work of {he}art. I have been working on this design for months. I wanted to show my life, and just what is important to me. I also wanted to support so many of my friends. Most of us