12 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 9 – Laughter

It’s Day 9 of the 12 Days of Thanksgiving, and today I’m so thankful for laughter. Sometimes it’s so hard to laugh in the middle of the storm. But I wake up every day and make the choice to laugh no matter what.

If you’re just joining the 12 Days of Thanksgiving event, here’s the details.

I’ve teamed up with a few designer friends. Each day I’ll share something we’re grateful for, and then we will each offer a pattern or two, that relates to the day’s theme, for 50% OFF.

Please make sure you visit and support these amazing designers. They are talented, giving, and wonderful people and I’m truly grateful for their friendships.



They say laughter is the best medicine and I would have to agree. Life has been rough for my family the past few years but when I can focus on the things that make me laugh, the hard times seem just a bit easier.

Laughter is, and always will be, the best form of therapy.


You can receive each of the patterns listed below for 50% off. (Today’s offer expires 11/19 @5am EDT)

  1. Click any image or link below and be taken to the designers shop.
  2. Add the pattern to your cart.
  3. At checkout use coupon code LAUGHTER (code will change daily).
  4. If you’d like to purchase more than one pattern, come back and repeat with each pattern. Each day will have 3 or 4 patterns on sale. Today I have 2, so if you add them to your cart together the coupon code will work for both.

NOTE: Because of multiple designers and patterns, refunds will not be given, so please make sure the discount is applied before completing checkout.


The Odyssey Cardigan holds a special place in my heart as far as my patterns go. I started the Odyssey Cardigan design on the very first day of my husband’s chemotherapy and I finished it on the very last day of his treatments. My girls’ were my photographers and they just happened to take this picture. I ignored it for the longest time because it wasn’t “professional” but at some point realized that I needed to use this photo. At one of the hardest points in my life I was still able to laugh. And for that I’m so grateful.

Get the Odyssey Cardigan by Ambassador Crochet

My girls are the joy of my life! I love to watch them learn and grow and see the kindness in their hearts and actions.

Get the Cabled Zig Zag Scarf and Cowl by Crafting Friends Designs

Check back tomorrow for day 10 of why we’re thankful & blessed.

Happy Crocheting!

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