Getting It Done

‘Finish What You Start’ – I’m terrible in this area!  I have so many ideas that float around in my head, that I will keep starting new projects. My 95% completed projects always seem to get neglected!  So, I’ve decided it’s time to get my act together!  I only have 3 more weeks until my craft fair, and many very patient friends waiting for their orders. I’m not starting anything new for a whole week!….hopefully. LOL

Aside from a few secret projects, here is a pic of what I want to accomplish this week. All these either need ends tied in, or flowers, faces, etc.

Who’s with me?  Anyone else have a stack they want to tackle?

Happy Crocheting!

12 thoughts on “Getting It Done”

  • I just posted about this very thing on my blog today. This week is going to be my WIPs clean up too. I sent all the hats I had made to storm victims in New York and need to get started on some more for our cancer clinic now. You always inspire me to “get going!”

  • Oh, so I’m not the only one?? LOL Being a new crocheter, I only have about 4 projects that need finishing up. But I am so easily distracted by cool new patterns I want to try, that I think this is going to be a forever-problem. I love the bin you have for putting them all in at least to keep them organized. My projects are strewn all over the place at the moment. :-)

  • I have three afghans that I need to finish. One is for my daughter, one for my daughter-in-law and the other is one that I just loved the pattern. I have just been too busy to get back to them. Glad to know I’m not the only one with unfinished projects. Maybe I will try and finish at least one of them this week.

  • I decided to make November my clean out also the projects started and not finished, only had 4 so I’m done with those. I also decided to clean out scrap yarn by making flowers, hearts, bows etc. Having a great time cleaning up my area.

  • I too, am guilty of not finishing up some of my projects. The bigger the more that’s ledt to do. I have finished all my Christmas gifts and am also finishing up a few other projects that just need a little more of my time. One of my New Years resolutions is going to be-to finish what I start. We shall see.

  • I have a sweater that I started about 6 year ago and it may never get done. I have too many smaller thing in the works. I help with a Needle and craft group in an assisted living place with my Sister. She can get many things done in short order but I never can.

  • I do..I have 2 shawls I started this Fall that I haven’t finished because I moved on to crocheting smaller items to photograph for blog posts. I want to get back to them but I also need to hook up new things for the blog! sigh…

  • I don’t even want to talk about unfinished projects….nor the ones that I still want to start! LOL
    I’ve not even started on making my Christmas gifts and it’s almost Thanksgiving already!

  • I am trying to complete an afghan, a sweater, and a shawl. The scary one is a queen sized bed spread made of six inch squares. All the sqaures are done, but it needs to be put together and edged yet. It’s been in that state for about
    three years now.

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