Look Like A Professional

Whether you crochet to make money, or strictly to give away, you should always put 100% effort into your projects. Here are some quick and easy tips to accomplishing a professional look.

1)  Keep your stitches even – If your tension is not consistent it will show in the big picture. If you’re new to crochet, it will come with time, just keep practicing.

2)  Do not knot your work when you tie off – some of you just said, “WHAT?!?!”  I used to do it too. A knot is larger than your work and can/will work it’s way back out of the project. Trust me, I’ve never had a project come undone from not tying a knot in the end.

3)  Properly tie in your ends – While some think this isn’t important, others may see it as not a big deal. I have run into quite a few projects in the last few years that either didn’t have the ends tied in at all, or they were poorly tied in. Both scenarios left a lasting impression….but not a good one.  Below is a good example:

We were on vacation, and went into our favorite country store. I found a milk crate full of handmade dishcloths. They were all knit (which I don’t do) so I wanted to purchase a few to support another crafter. I was immediately turned off by the fact that she knotted her work and she didn’t tie in her ends!  Those 2 simple little things would have helped her sales.

dishcloth ends

Want to know how to finish off without the knot? Click here for a photo tutorial I did.

4)  Keep your work free of odor – Especially if this gift is for a baby or someone with allergies!  If you smoke, or have pets, please be considerate of the recipient.

5)  Don’t rush – Take your time. Put tons of love into your project. The person receiving your hard work will appreciate it.

Happy Crocheting!

9 thoughts on “Look Like A Professional”

  • You’ve stated excellent points. I cringe when I pick up a piece of work or when I’m working through a skein of yarn and find a knot. With the skein…snip, snip…work into my piece. Thank you for the share.

  • when stating that you never knot anything perhaps you should explain to people what method you actually use to tie things off. i knot and also weave in my ends, what do you suggest otherwise???

  • As a beginner, I would love to see the “proper” ways to tie in ends. I can find lots of patterns online and I think I am getting the stitches down okay, but I don’t know some of the “simple” stuff. Thanks.

  • Great pics on how you end. It’s really true that the details make the difference. I have 2 cats who love to sit by me when I crochet, so I ALWAYS wash my project when it’s finished, before I give it to anyone. When it’s for a baby, I wash it in Dreft.

  • Lovely post Kristine. I started out not tying knots but someone told me a couple of years ago that I should tie knots so I started doing it. In the example you showed the tag is a third problem as ‘greatest’ is misspelled. It’s hard for me to believe that someone would leave the knot so visible in a product they were selling.

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