5 Tools Every Crocheter Needs

There are basic tools every crocheter needs; tools of the trade that you will find in almost any crocheters bag. There are some you need, and some that are just nice to have. For those just starting out on their crochet journey, I’ve compiled a list of 5 told every crocheter needs.


5 Tools Every Crocheter Needs - Plus, find out which brands I use & recommend.


5 Tools Every Crocheter Needs


I’ve come up with a list of 5 things every crocheter should have in their project bag. Most of these are obvious, especially if you’ve been crocheting for any amount of time, but if you’re a just learning to crochet or haven’t started yet but want to learn, this list is a great list to help you get started.

Note: There are so many brands out there,that you may have to try a few out to find what’s right for you. I am just recommending brands I currently use and am happy with.


Crochet HooksTulip Etimo is hands down my favorite hook. I actually bought two entire sets to have just in case one (or more) of them disappears….because my hooks seem to grow legs! If you’re unsure about trying these hooks, or any ergo hooks, read my post Choosing the Right Ergonomic Hook.



Stitch Markers – I’ve tried many over the years and I’ll use a few different brands, but the Clover Lock Ring stitch markers are definitely my first choice. They are sturdy and they lock (if you want them to).



Scissors – I love fold up scissors. There’s nothing worse than poking your yarn with the point of the scissors. I’ve been very happy with my Fiskars. They fold up, they’re sturdy, and they work well on yarn.


Fiskars Travel Folding Scissors


Yarn Needles – There are all different kinds of yarn needles. Everything from plastic to metal, straight to bent tip. About 2 years ago I switched from plastic to metal and I will never go back. No more snaggin on the yarn! I use Chibi needles by Clover and I love them. I prefer the bent tip, but straight works well too.


Clover Chibi - 5 Tools Every Crocheter Needs


Measuring Tape – I love my crochet happy tape measure. I own quite a few from when I was a retail distributor for them and am sad to see my stash dwindling.


Crochet Happy - 5 Tools Every Crocheter Needs




While there are many other tools you could add to your project bag, I don’t consider them necessities. Things like hook cases, row counters, support gloves, and even a gauge checker. (This one will check your gauge, needle size, and hook sizes for you.)

For those who have been crocheting a while, what tools would you recommend?

Happy Crocheting!

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