Creating Your Crochet Brand

When I began designing 9 years ago I didn’t think about things like branding. I didn’t ever think that almost 10 years later there would be hundreds of designers and I would need to distinguish myself from everyone else out there. Yet, here I am trying to be seen in a sea of creatives that are doing the same thing as me and I’ve been wondering – would my customers be able to pick my patterns out of a lineup with other designers? I’m not sure the answer is yes. So I’ve been working on creating a brand for my crochet designs that will help my customers know my work from other designers’ and make it easier for them to find me.


Designing Your Own Crochet Pattern Series - Creating Your Brand


Welcome to Part 4 of the “Designing Your Own Crochet Pattern” Series. This series will guide you through some of the basics of crochet pattern design. If you’re just joining us and would like to start at the beginning, read Part 1 – the 6 Basic Steps of the Design Process. Even if you have no desire to be a designer, you can still benefit from this series.


Creating Your Brand


The definition of brand is “a kind or variety of something distinguished by some distinctive characteristic.” Tons of brand name companies have made themselves distinctive in some way. Nike has the all familiar check mark logo. In the crochet world you would be able to pick out the Red Heart logo, or Tulip Crochet Hooks with their signature gray cushion on the handle. I don’t even need to show you the photos! These brands have distinguished themselves among the competition because of their branding.

Branding is the action (verb) form of the word brand. It’s creating a brand for your crochet designs that will make you stand out. What will you do to set your brand apart from everyone else? How will you make your items/patterns recognizable?


Branding Ideas


Earlier in this series we talked about finding your designing niche. While your niche is more about narrowing down what you want to specialize in, branding is more about how you’re going to market your items to your customers. Your brand doesn’t always have to be a logo. Sometimes it’s just a “look” you have adapted into your business such as color, photography, and designing elements. Here are some designers and businesses that have done a superb job at their branding!




Color is a great way to brand your designs. Below I have 2 very different examples of how these 2 ladies have perfectly branded their designs using color. Heidi from Snappy Tots uses bright and happy colors, mixed with fun and sometimes whimsical designs. Heidi May from The Velvet Acorn uses neutral colors and has an outdoor, woodsy feel to her designs. But both of these ladies patterns are fully recognizable by the way they have branded their designs.


   Snappy_mediumSnappy Tots


The Velvet Acorn





Photography is another great way to brand yourself. DROPS Designs has done an amazing job making their patterns recognizable by their photography. All of their photos use either the water or the mountains in the background and I can pick out one of their patterns very easily.


Free PatternDrops Designs/GarnStudio

Design Elements


I’m spotlighting Shelby Allaho’s designs here because she has done a fantastic job with branding her designs. She creates items that stand out as her own and I can tell one of her designs as soon as I see it. She uses things you would see in every day life and then finds a way to incorporates them into her designs. The reason I’m including this here, instead of in my Finding Your Niche post, is because it’s about her using this as her brand. Anyone can use neckwear as their niche, but you won’t be able to spot a specific designer unless they brand themselves.


Designing Your Own Crochet Pattern Series: Creating Your Brand - Shelby AllahoShelby Allaho


Please note: Do not copy these ladies! Come up with your own strategy. These are just examples of what can be done with branding.


You want your customers to be able to spot your patterns before they know that it’s you and branding will be such an important way for you to get recognized and noticed. Narrowing down your niche and then creating your brand will help you create patterns your customers will love.


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Happy Designing!

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