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Tips for Designing Your First Pattern

Designing your first pattern can be overwhelming but with a few simple pointers it doesn’t have to be. It’s time to look at your pattern from a different perspective and shed a whole new light on the subject. Let’s look at 3 tips that will 

How to Find Your Writing Style

I’m sure you’ve noticed that each designer has a slightly different writing style for their patterns. Most of these subtleties go unnoticed, but some are obvious to crocheters. One of the most obvious ones – stitch counts are included at the end of each row/round. 

The 3 P’s of a Professional Crochet Designer

I’m going to go out on a limb here when I say that there is a difference between a crochet designer and a professional crochet designer. One word can make a huge difference and that word is professional. The word professional when used as an adjective 

Should You Charge for Patterns? The Free vs. Paid Dilemma

Should you charge for patterns or offer them for free? That is the question many designers struggle with. It’s even been a popular topic in some crochet groups, and it can become a heated discussion at times. Before you make any decisions there are a 

Creating Your Crochet Brand

When I began designing 9 years ago I didn’t think about things like branding. I didn’t ever think that almost 10 years later there would be hundreds of designers and I would need to distinguish myself from everyone else out there. Yet, here I am 

Find Your Designing Niche

Are you all over the place with your design ideas? (This used to be me!) Do you have tons of ideas but feel scattered? Or maybe you have been designing by request and are consequently feeling burned out. It’s time to define your niche. Once 

Finding the Perfect Design Ideas

Do you look at a beautiful pattern and think, “That’s amazing! How did they come up that?” Design ideas can come from just about anywhere. The the beauty of designing a crochet pattern is that there is no right or wrong, just your imagination – 

6 Basic Steps to Designing Crochet Patterns

Welcome to the “Designing Your Own Crochet Pattern” Series. This series will guide you through some of the basics of crochet pattern design. If you have no desire to be a designer, stick with me anyway. You may be able to gain some valuable insight 

10 Reasons Not to be a Crochet Designer

Have you ever wanted to be a crochet designer? I recently took a survey and you (my readers) wanted some more info on the design process. I decided to have some blog posts focused on just that, but before I get into how to be 

The Truth About Pattern Design

  There are so many crocheters that want to dive into the world of pattern design. One of the biggest questions I get is, “How do you go about designing a pattern?” The truth about pattern design is this…. Every designer has their own way