(DC, FPdc) in next stitch

This is the main increase stitch I use for my Textured Slouchy Beret, and I’ve had enough questions about it, so here is a tutorial.  Hopefully this will help, but if you still have questions don’t hesitate to ask.

(DC, FPdc) in next dc means this….

You are going to dc in the next dc, but you are also going to FPdc around the stitch you just did your dc in.  Here is a breakdown of the steps.

1)  yo, insert hook into next stitch

2)  yo, pull up a loop

3)  yo, pull through 2 loops on hook

4)  yo, pull through last 2 loops on hook (dc made)

dc completed

The next picture shows you the dc you just completed,  and shows you where you will be doing your FPdc.

5)  yo, insert hook from front to back behind post indicated above.

6)  yo, pull up a loop

7)  yo, pull  through 2 loops on hook

9)  yo, pull through last 2 loops on hook (FPdc completed)

And here’s what it looks like on my finished hat pattern.

Textured Slouchy Beret pattern by Ambassador Crochet.

I hope this helps. 

If you’d like to purchase the actual pattern it is available in both shops.



And again, if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy Crocheting! 

25 thoughts on “(DC, FPdc) in next stitch”

  • Popped in for WIPW, little unsure whether or not you’re still doing that? Has stash busting replaced it, or is it in addition to it? I’ve been thinking of ways to keep track of stash too, but with so much yarn being donated for my other blog, Bridge and Beyond…not sure it’s reasonable. lol Maybe that’s an excuse?

    Good luck on all fronts.

    • Sandy,
      I’m still doing it…..just got my days of the week mixed up. Thanks for the note! It’s up now, so I’d love for you to add it now.

  • Hello,
    I have a question.
    Firts of all..sorry for my englisch, i’m Dutch. so that can explane a lot :)
    I have a patern where you must crochet like the above pictures.
    If i do that, than my babyhat curls to the outsite instead of going straight.
    Can you tell me what i’m doing wrong??
    Thank you!

    • If it is curling (like the shape of a bowl) then you don’t have enough stitches to make it lay flat. Or you may just be crocheting too tight.
      If it is rippling (wavy on the outside) then you may have too many stitches. Let me know if you need more help.

      • Thank you for answering my question :) and i’m sorry for my late response.
        When i’m chrochetting the hat, i follow the instructions.
        I don’t think its to tight…it feels loose anyway :)
        So i think it’s rippling, but when i’m couting the stitches it’s right!
        I did it over and over…and over, but evrerytime wrong.
        But i’m gonna do it again and again…and again. :D i’m not gonna give up *lol*
        I must say…for a beginner like me…chrochetting in English, it’s not to bad :D
        I have finished the hat with another border then the instruction…the crap-stich.
        I like it, but it’s not the border that i want, so i’m gonna keep trying!!!…
        Thank you!!!

      • I am still not sure where to put my hook when u do the two dc. Do u do them in the “v as if u r working a dc in the stitch or does it go into the space which then I’m not sure where either.
        Love this pattern.
        Thank you!

      • Hi Barb, not sure which set of instructions you are working with, but if it says “2 dc in next st” then you will do 2 double crochet in your next available stitch (no chain between them). Let me know whether that helps or not.

  • I am so literal that I like your arrows in the diagram pointing to what you are saying in words. What I never can get anyone to tell me is:

    1) In sstarting a dc row and it says nex stitch is that the first hole right by the chain?

    2) Where is the whole stitch when referring to a dc. You have a hole, post, hole sequence. Whcih hole goes with the post part of the stitch? Is it the hole before or after the post that makes up the stitch? Which is the hole to go into that is part of the post?

    Thanis for any hel;.

    • Maureen,
      1) Normally with a dc row you will skip the first st that you did your chains from. (there are exceptions to this rule though.)
      2) When you complete a dc the top of the stitch (the hole you’re referring to) would be where you would crochet your next row into. Hope that makes sense. If not I can try to clarify it better.

    • Hi Connie, you would just do 2 FPdc around the same dc. So after you do the first one, repeat and do the second one. Let me know if you need a visual and maybe I can write up a tutorial.

    • If a pattern is indicating to FPdc around the next st, it would be the next stitch that you have not worked in yet. So, for the instructions you have listed you would do 2 hdc in the first stitch, 1 hdc in the second stitch, and a FPdc around the third stitch. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Kristine I know how to do the F?PD, The pattern says to “Skip top of same st,” after I make the F?P?DC. It says FPdc sround the post of next st, “skip top of same st.”

    • Viginia, I’m not sure what pattern you have, but that would mean you are only doing the FPdc around the st, then you are moving on to the next st. You only crochet in the top (normal part of the st) in addition to the post st if you are increasing. Hope that makes sense.

  • Would you be willing to do instruction with pictures for fpdc followed by dc in top of post just used? That’s how it’s written in pattern I’m using.
    Thank you

  • I am working a round mandala, am familiar with front and back posts; my pattern says “2 dc around next fpdc” but it keeps turning out like fpdc twice around next fpdc. (no diagram) Any tips how to work this combo greatly appreciated!

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