Designer Review & Interview featuring Teresa Jimenez

For April, my featured designer is Teresa Jimenez from Harvester Products. As soon as I saw one of her newly released patterns I knew I needed a reason to bump it up on my “to-do” list of things I wanted to make.


Designer Review & Interview featuring Teresa Jimenez from Harvester Products


Designer Review & Interview
featuring Teresa Jimenez of Harvester Products


Throughout 2016 I am doing designer interviews and reviews. Each month I will feature one fellow designer, ask them some questions, and then I will actually make something from one of their patterns and do a review of it.

Read to the bottom of the interview to see my review of one of Teresa’s patterns, and get a discount code to use in her pattern shop.



K (Me): How did you get started designing?

Teresa: I was following so many amazing crochet pages on Facebook. I could follow any pattern, but really had the desire to make my own patterns. Then I just dove in!

K: Do you remember the first pattern you ever designed?

Teresa: I know the first one I ever published was the Starla Hat. I had designed some prior to that, but I don’t remember the actual first one ever. It’s funny, because I am so the “mark the memory” type of person. I wish now that I could remember. LOL

K: Where do you get your design inspiration from?

Teresa: Hmm. This is hard. I think at times it’s from seeing other crochet designs. My brain starts thinking of similar things.  Sometimes it’s a print on a fabric I see at a store, or a color scheme. But mostly, designs just kinda pop into my head randomly. But not when I want them to. When I really have the urge to crochet something new, that is usually when I have zero inspiration at all.

K: What is most important to you when choosing yarn for a design? Look? Feel? Weight?

Teresa: Coming from years of designing character hats, I always went straight to Red Heart Super Saver. It was perfect for holding shape. But now, as I am branching out with more fashion hats, look and feel is important to me. I tend also, to like heavier weights.

K: How long between when you first have an idea to the finished pattern being released?

Teresa: Well, I’d love to say that I just whip it out. But being the master perfectionist and procrastinator that I am has its downfalls. It can be anywhere from a week to months. If I hit a roadblock, it will sit there for a good long while sometimes. I actually have a gorgeous cowl/shawlette hanging on my dress form right now. It’s been there for about 2 months.

K: What makes your designs unique?

Teresa: Off the cuff, I think the way I name them is unique. I am super picky about what I name my designs. Many of them are named after characters or movies that I love.

I also set out to try to make them unique in design. I want them to stand out. I try to make them different from anything else out there. Not an easy task. I design a lot of my hats from the bottom-up. I try to combine stitches as in my Arkenstone hat or the Frost Awakens hat. Or I’ll make a different shape, like in my Grumpy Nova hat, or the Snow Queen Cowl.

K: Do you ever look at a pattern and wish you had been the one to design that?

Teresa: Oh, I do this so often!  There are so many beautifully textured designs that I get totally jealous of! Why didn’t I think of that? LOL

K: Any advice to crocheters that want to keep their work fresh and exciting?

Teresa: I’d say to keep informed of what is trending with fashion, but also look for new angles. You never know when one of your designs may become a new trend! Also, a trip to the yarn store is always inspiring! Seeing different colors and textures always gives me new ideas. My Arkenstone hat actually was inspired by a sweatshirt I bought for my daughter in the girl’s section at Target.

K: Where do you see crocheting going as an artform?

Teresa: The creativity of the art has matured so much since I first started 30 years ago. I think we will always see people added to the crochet community – learning and creating, and it’s popularity will continue to grow steadily. It’s very exciting, almost as inexhaustible as music!




K: Favorite part of designing?

Teresa: Seeing the product take shape.

K: Least favorite part of the designing?

Teresa: Typing the pattern.

K: Favorite yarn?

Teresa: Red Heart with Love

K: Do you have a crochet “hero” or someone you look up to in the industry?

Teresa: I’ll name a few: Playin’ Hooky, Elk Studio, Crochet by Jennifer.




Designer Review & Interview featuring Teresa Jiminez from Harvester Products - This is my version of her Outlaw Queen Cowl. Read my pattern review.My version of the Outlaw Queen Cowl by Harvester Products


As soon as I saw her Outlaw Queen Cowl pattern I knew I needed a reason to make it. Maybe it’s the country girl in me, but I love almost anything with fringe. I was drawn to the color combo, stitches, and fringe combination.

For my review, I used Hobby Lobby “I Love This Yarn!” in Olive & Ivory. I love Teresa’s brown & cream combo, but I’m trying to use up skeins from my stash, so I switched the brown to olive green. TIP: If you’re going to substitute the yarn called for, check the yardage on the yarn label and make sure you will have enough. Read these 2 articles I’ve written for more info and help.

5 Tips for Substituting Yarn – overall help for choosing a different yarn

Tips for Substituting Yarn – info based on yarn label

This pattern works up quick and is easy to follow. Teresa uses a special technique to overlap the “v” effect (the openwork stitches), but don’t let it scare you. Once you do the first few it’s super easy to follow. My absolute favorite feature of the scarf is the design concept. It’s designed like a poncho, but it doesn’t hang down in the back, only the front (almost like a bib), so there’s no bulk for you to try to stuff under your jacket, etc. Genius!

Overall…. I love how it came out! Whether you’re looking for a quick gift, or something to make for yourself, this is a fun and easy pattern to try.

My next pattern purchase from Teresa’s shop will be the Pirate’s Cove Cowl…. more fringe!


Pirate's Cove cowl by Harvester Products


Teresa is is offering my readers 40% off your purchase of $3.95 or more in her pattern shop. The discount will run from April 27 – May 7th. Head over to her Ravelry shop and enter code SAVE40 at checkout to receive the discounted pricing.

For more information, visit her at the links below:



Teresa has a unique style that you’ll want to check out. I’m sure you will find something in her pattern shop that you love!

If you have any questions you’d like me to ask in upcoming interviews, leave a comment and let me know. Make sure you come back next month when I interview Kristin Ohmdahl!

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Happy Crocheting!

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