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Find Your Designing Niche

Are you all over the place with your design ideas? (This used to be me!) Do you have tons of ideas but feel scattered? Or maybe you have been designing by request and are consequently feeling burned out. It’s time to define your niche. Once 

How to Create a Crochet Plan

Do you have so many projects you want to make that don’t know where to begin? Or so many patterns you can’t find the one you’re looking for? Or so much yarn that you own a small yarn store right in your basement? (yes, this 

How to Add Fringe to Your Crochet Project

Do you ever just want to add a finishing touch to your crochet project? Fringe goes on just about anything. Scarves & cowls, purses & bags, skirts, and so much more. Below I will show you how to add fringe to any crochet project in 

How to Choose the Right Pattern Rating

Did you ever look at a pattern and just fall in love with it?? I’m pretty sure you have. But how do you know whether you’ll be able to tackle the pattern and make it look exactly like the picture – without losing your mind? 

Organize Your Yarn Stash in 4 Easy Steps

Are you overwhelmed by your yarn stash? Do you feel like you have yarn everywhere? Do you find yourself buying more yarn for your next project because you have no idea where you put the yarn you think you could use? Block off a day 

Tackle Advanced Crochet Patterns in 3 Easy Steps

Tackle Advanced Crochet Patterns in 3 Easy Steps

We’ve all seen them….. those gorgeous crochet patterns that you just have to make. Then you notice that it’s marked “advanced”.  At this point you have 2 choices. Keep looking for something else, or try to tackle it. I know from experience that if you love the 

5 Tips for Choosing a Yarn Substitution

Let’s face it. We’ve all seen the perfect pattern. It looks amazing in the photo and you just need to make that! Once you choose the pattern, you may go searching for the yarn that was recommended only to find: a) you may not have a LYS (Local Yarn Shop), 

What to Look for When Substituting Yarn

Have you ever seen a crochet pattern and fell in love with the photo? Shortly after you realize either a) you can’t find the yarn locally, or b) you can’t afford that particular yarn? Here are some tips to help you when substituting yarn so 

Look Like A Professional

Whether you crochet to make money, or strictly to give away, you should always put 100% effort into your projects. Here are some quick and easy tips to accomplishing a professional look. 1)  Keep your stitches even – If your tension is not consistent it will 

Cheap Yarn Tote Solution

I’ve been planning this fairly big project, that will by my best guess, have at least 4 colors going at any given time. I have project bags coming out the wazoo (Is that even a word? lol) but not one of them is made for a