Red Heart Boutique Doodle Yarn Review

***Disclaimer*** – First, let me say, I don’t get paid to do reviews, and I don’t get free products in turn for reviews.  I bought this with my own money, and am just giving you my opinion.  Which is just that, and opinion.  I’d love to hear if someone has a different experience or opinion about this yarn.

Ok, with that being said, I was standing in line at A.C.Moore.  I know I’m on a yarn diet, but I needed a skein of orange for my pumpkin hats and I was completely out.  So, I went in for one skein of orange, but we all know how that goes.  I saw a display of this new yarn, but there was no price with the display.  So, I grabbed a skein and brought it up front with me.  While standing in line (forever) I kept reminding myself that Iwasn’t supposed to be purchasing ANY yarn.  No exceptions….except the orange because I had orders for pumpkin hats :).   When it was finally my turn, I asked to get a price on this great looking yarn. 

Her reply was “$7.99″…… :O

“That’s ok, thanks anyway.” was my very nice reply. 

“Well, I can give you 40% off because you did have to stand in line for a long time.”  

“OK!” – I know….I’m a sucker!!! I don’t know why I agreed to it! But, if you’re reading this you probably have a yarn problem too, so you’ll understand and have compassion for me, right?!?!

Ok, so I get the yarn home and take it out of the wrapper.  The beginning and the end of the skein were tied together.  Okay….not a big deal.  I’ll just untie them.  10 minutes later I got the knot out.  Here was my first disappointment with the yarn.  The knot had been tied so tightly it left wear marks in the skein, to the point that I had to cut them off because it would have been so obvious. 

This is the other end.  This part of the knot was so tight I just decided it was easier to cut if off than mess with it any longer.  It would have only looked like the other end if I ever got it apart anyway.

Another complaint I had was the mess the yarn left.  This was just from trying to untie the knot.

 I flipped over the wrapper and, even though it says it recommends a “Q” hook, the scarf directions were to actually use your hands to crochet the scarf, not a hook.  I decided I was going to try a hook anyway, but couldn’t get the hook to grab the yarn (it was too thick).  Maybe a different brand might have worked, but not sure.  So, I gave up trying to use a hook and went back to the method they recommended…..use your hands as a hook.

slip knot

You are going to hold the chain on your hand, yarn over your hand and pull through to make a chain stitch. The whole scarf is that easy.  It took me less than 10 minutes to make the whole thing. (actually it took me longer to untie the knot than it did to crochet it)

This was the mess left over from ‘crocheting’ the scarf….not nearly as bad as when I untied the ends.

The end result is an 11’+ scarf.  if you wanted it smaller you may even be able to make 2 scarves from one skein.

I would not buy this yarn again, but I don’t have anyone on my Christmas list that would like a scarf like this either.  If I did, I might consider it worth the hassle.  After all, how many handmade gifts can you make in less than 10 minutes? I’d love to hear if you had a better experience with this.

Happy Crocheting!


3 thoughts on “Red Heart Boutique Doodle Yarn Review”

  • That’s too bad because that yarn looks so yummy and squishy :( I hate being disappointed with yarns, especially as someone who is relative newbie! My biggest peeve is misleading labels, just like you had!

    • Claire,
      I’ve tried commenting on your blog and it won’t let me :(
      Your rainbow afghan is beautiful~!

  • My goodness…I wish I had read this BEFORE I purchased a ton of this yarn! I was at A.C. Moore looking only for a few skeins of cotton yarn. Due to my addiction I came home with more! This yarn was 50% off, how can you resist right? Well, I am currently trying to work with it and coming up with nothing. I went over board and bought a lot of it, I tried making a few things, but I have taken them all apart because it just wasn’t working. The yarn is insanely thick! I’m going to try working with it by hand…I hope that that helps all the tension issues I’ve come across.

    Thanks for the review!

    Happy Hooking my fellow yarn lover!

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