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Carrot Cocoon Crochet Pattern

A few months ago I had this image of a carrot cocoon & hat set stuck in my head.  Well, here it is.  It would make a great Easter photography prop, or just great for snuggling that new spring baby.  I’m going to do a giveaway 

Fighting Tortoises Masked Hat Crochet Pattern

NOTICE: THIS PATTERN IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Last week I was on a roll and released 2 new patterns.  The first was this “Fighting Tortoises Masked Hat”.  It’s for all those who loved those fighting ninja turtles of the 90’s, and from what I hear, 

Basketweave Afghan Square Crochet Pattern

I love the basketweave stitch.  It is so versatile and can be adjusted to be bigger or smaller weaves.  I had to make a 12″ afghan square for my Baker’s Dozen group on Ravelry, so I decided to make one using the basket weave stitch. 

Snowflake Beanie Pattern Adjustment & Help

  There were questions about the larger sizes of my Snowflake Beanie, so I went back to the drawing board to try to figure out where the problem was.   Almost all my testers, that used the Red Heart Shimmer yarn, confirmed what I was finding. The first thing 

Pixie Hat & Diaper Cover Crochet Pattern Set

Here is my newest pattern release.  It makes a great prop for a photoshoot.  The pattern request came from Savanna, from SavannaSmiles Photography.   I’ve been working with her recently, and she is just wonderful.  I’d love for you to stop by her facebook page and tell 

Baby Beanie & Bowtie Crochet Pattern

  Here is my brand new pattern for a baby beanie & bowtie set.  The pattern is perfect for any skill level, even beginner.  Makes an adorable hat for a new addition, or a nice set for a photography prop.         I should have 

New Patterns Coming Soon

I have quite a few projects that just need finishing touches and then they’ll be ready for purchase.  I just have to learn to finish my open projects before beginning new ones.  Here are 2 patterns that just need a little TLC and they’ll be 


Well, my stars for this beanie came in, just in the nick of time.  Here’s the finished version.  What do you think? Today is also my brothers’ birthday.  He deserves to celebrate.  He just came back (last week) from Afghanistan.  So happy he’s home safe!  I 

Cables & Lace Beanie & Giveaway

This pattern became my ‘baby’ this week.  I had to have a dozen testers. Yikes!  Because of that fact, as well as the stitches used, it is definately an intermediate pattern.  But if you’re like me, you may like a challenge!  If you purchase it, 

American Flag Patriotic Beanie Crochet Pattern

I created this American Flag beanie to somehow remind us to honor those who fight to keep this country free.  I’m married to a retired military guy, and my brother has done a couple of his own tours in the past few years.  So I wanted