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Grace in Goal Setting – March 2016

Have you ever looked at your calendar for the upcoming month and thought… “Yikes. It’s going to be a busy month!” That’s what I thought as I looked at my March calendar last month and saw publisher deadlines, designer deadlines/commitments, and interviews I had made 

5 Things I Will NOT Do In 2016

I recently read a blog post from The Art of Simple called 3 Things I’m Not Doing in 2016, and it got me thinking. We get so busy making our New Year’s resolutions and “Things to Accomplish in 2016” lists (which are great things to 

New Year for a New You – Day 7 – Making a Plan

This past week has been eye opening and exciting as I begin to plan for this year. But one thing I realized was that I know what I don’t want to do, I know what direction I want to go, but I am holding back. 

New Year for a New You – Day 6

The past week has been very exciting as I have been reflecting and getting ready to move forward with my new plans. I am excited to make my blog my #1 priority this year. But before I jump into 2016, I need to do one last wrap 

A New Direction

The last week or so of 2015 I noticed I kept saying, “I’m so happy this year is over.” After a couple of days I had to tell myself that a few bad months does not make an entire year bad! I knew I had 

2016 Word for the Year

Quite a few years ago (probably almost 10 years ago now) I read the book Knit Together: Discovering God’s Pattern for Your Life by Debbie Macomber. It was an amazing, thought provoking book. I took away two things from that book that I have never 

Policies for 2016

Policies for 2016 I’m working through A New Year for a New You over at Marketing Creativity. It’s 7 days of thought provoking questions to help you take your creative business to the next level (today is day 3). I will be making some changes in 

New Year for a New You – Day 2

As the new year approaches and this year comes to a close, I keep wanting to say “I’m so glad this year is over” but then I stop myself. Yes, this year was hard…..really hard! But I believe that if you take what you’ve been 

New Year for a New You – Day 1

This has been a roller coaster of a year for me. There was a move, marital issues (which I’m happy to say we chose to work through and have overcome), and a torn ACL (which resulted in ACL reconstructions surgery 2 weeks after we moved,