A New Direction

The last week or so of 2015 I noticed I kept saying, “I’m so happy this year is over.” After a couple of days I had to tell myself that a few bad months does not make an entire year bad! I knew I had to change my thought process because I know this year did have a lot of good also. There were lessons learned and progress made. But most of all I’ve realized what is important and what I want to change. I learned a lot this year!


A New Year = A New Direction


A New Year = A New Direction


Over the last year I realized part of the burnout I’ve been experiencing (especially blog related) was because I felt like I had to compete with so many other crochet blogs out there – and feeling like my voice didn’t matter. But I’ve realized I do have something to offer!

So, I’m going to take a leap of faith this year and hone in on my niche and make it a little more specific. From this day forward my niche will be pattern focused. Reading patterns, writing patterns, and dissecting patterns. And I have to say I’m super excited! Because I’ve been spending more and more of my business time doing tech editing I’ve come to realize that the “behind the scenes” part of crocheting is my passion!

I feel like I’ve done all the reflecting and mental preparation I can do. It’s time to implement the Nike saying….

Just do it.

It’s time for me to just start. I tend to want everything to be perfect or I don’t do it (It’s the perfectionist in me), but just thinking about my ideas, or waiting until I can execute them perfectly, won’t get me anywhere. So, I’m ready…. From this day forward I will be doing my best to give you the best pattern info I can once a week, at minimum to begin. I am working on a blog schedule so I can make it a priority again.


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As the new year begins I want to truly stay focused on my goals, keep in mind what has worked and not worked for me in the past, and stick to my plan for a better year in 2016. All my posts this week have been self-evaluation writing prompts from Marketing Creativity as we work through her planner Your Best Year 2016. My favorite part about her planner is that she knows that a creative person cannot separate their personal life from their business, so she incorporates them both into one planner.

Today’s post was from Day 5 or the 7 days of writing prompts that will walk you through a review of the year and plan a business strategy for the coming year. While the prompts don’t necessarily pertain to crochet, they are for the creative business owner.

If you’d like to work through this review with us, or work through your own self/business evaluation, you can purchase Your Best Year 2016 here. It has been eye opening and life/business changing for me and I am looking forward to all that 2016 has in store.

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I’m looking forward to an amazing year!

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