Policies for 2016

Policies for 2016

I’m working through A New Year for a New You over at Marketing Creativity. It’s 7 days of thought provoking questions to help you take your creative business to the next level (today is day 3). I will be making some changes in 2016 and putting some new goals in place. I am excited for this new direction I want to take with my business. My hope is that this week will give you a better understanding of what 2016 will hold.

2016 Policies

The first order of business is that I will be implementing some new policies for 2016, and re-enforcing some policies I created in 2015. These are for myself, as much as for you.

  • The best way to reach me:

The best way to reach me is by email. The main reason I do not give out a phone number is because during the day I am most likely homeschooling my girls and won’t answer it anyway. I do however check my email. The one major difference I will be implementing is that I will go back to a 24 hr. response policy. Because I’ve been doing this business self-reflection I am aware that I have gotten lax in this department. I want to go back to being known for my customer service.

  •  The best time to reach me:

I will check my email regularly, but the best time to get a quick response from me will be in the morning or early afternoon.

  • How I prefer to be treated: 

When I contact a company with a question or problem I appreciate a timely response. Therefore, I will work to respond to any and all inquiries within a 24 hr. window. (Some days I get a high volume of emails, so I do not always respond to compliments or comments, but I do appreciate each one of those I receive.)

  • What I will not tolerate:

I do not gossip or speak ill-will about anyone, so I would appreciate the same from my readers and customers. If you have a problem I will try to work with you to solve the issue.

  • Hours of availability:

I work every weekday (M – F) from 8 AM – 2 PM, but may be available after those hours depending on the day of the week (and my girls dance schedule).

  • My policies for those seeking advice:

My passion is to help people with their crochet skills, no matter what the level is. If you have a stitch question I will either provide an answer or a link to a post if I’ve already answered it previously.

At times I have also been asked to help with patterns that are not mine. I may or may not do this depending on two things.

1) Please do not send me the pattern. I respect copyrights and will not help you if you send it to me. It will immediately be deleted.

2) I may either ask you to send me your specific question(s) – (ex: the part of line in question) – or at times I may be able to help with a photo.

Help will be determined based on the issue and the time I have available.

  • My policy on refunds and returns: 

Patterns are either downloaded or emailed (depending on which of my sites you purchase from). Once the pattern has been emailed I do not give refunds.


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yby2016 by Lisa Jacobs

This week of writing prompts is from the planner Your Best Year 2016. If you would like to join us for this week long evaluation, it’s not too late. The self-reflection will definitely give you tons to think about as you go into 2016. And if you don’t own your own business…no problem! That’s my favorite part about this planner. Lisa knows that a creative person cannot separate their personal life from their business, so she incorporates them both into one planner.

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I’m looking forward to an amazing year!

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