What to do When a Prayer Shawl Doesn’t Fit

The original prayer shawl ministry began in 1998 and has spread so much in the last 18 years. If you’ve never heard of it, to quick, overall concept is, you make a shawl and pray for the recipient before and while you’re making it, in hopes that once the shawl is received it will bring both the recipient and the maker some comfort. (My definition of their purpose was adapted from the shawl ministry website.) I think the part that states “bring the maker some comfort” comes from the fact that crocheters (and knitters) are not only generous, but we want to help others and do more, and that’s what we know how to do. So we make…


A prayer shawl is a great way to pray for others and give them something to help comfort them. But what happens when a prayer shawl doesn't fit?


What to do When a Prayer Shawl
Doesn’t Fit


While I love the prayer shawl ministry – I have made and given some away – I recently came to the realization that sometimes a prayer shawl doesn’t fit. But I don’t mean that in the literal sense of the “fit” meaning.

I recently wrote the post Crochet from the Heart and talked about a little boy from our church who has brain cancer….and the doctors prognosis wasn’t good. But we are praying God has a bigger plan for Jacob’s life, so our church prays….and prays. I wanted to do more, and thought about the prayer shawl ministry. But a prayer shawl just isn’t a good fit for a little 5 year old boy. Then I wondered, “Why does it have to be a shawl?” So I made up my own rules. I decided to make Jacob a prayer blanket.

If you’ve been around for any length of time you know I don’t make anything with a trademark, although I have been known to Break My Own Rules on occasion. This is one of those occasions. While Jacob lay in the hospital clinging to life, I needed to do something because, as a parent, my heart was broken. I can’t imagine having to walk through that trial. So I decided to make something and focus on what he loves best….hockey.

His favorite team is the Montreal Canadiens, so I set out to work. I made a prayer blanket, but I made it to look like the jersey (same color stripes) and then created the logo. I have had requests for the blanket pattern, so it is available for purchase, but the logo is NOT part of the pattern.


Jacob's Prayer Blanket crochet pattern - $3.50 crochet pattern by Ambassador Crochet ***Logo is NOT part of the pattern!***


The prayer blanket is the perfect lap throw size, or toddler size if you choose to use it for a child. There are instructions on how to easily adjust the size if you choose to.


Jacob's Prayer Blanket crochet pattern - $3.50 crochet pattern by Ambassador Crochet


For more information on where to donate crochet items, please see my post – Crochet from the Heart.


Happy Crocheting!


4 thoughts on “What to do When a Prayer Shawl Doesn’t Fit”

  • Our Prayer Shawl Ministry also keeps a lap robe or two on hand for those in wheelchairs. You mentioned praying while making a shawl, when it is finished the group also prays a blessing for each shawl. Each week when we meet we pray for all who have received one of our Ministry’s shawls. This is a way of keeping our prayers going for all those in need even after the Prayer Shawl has been given them. Thanks for your reminder of this wonderful way crafters can honor God’s gift of a talent by using it for His work of love.

  • I’ve been making lapghans, chemo caps and shawls for years now. I do agree. Sometimes a shawl doesn’t fit. There are times that an item will make using a walker easier. I this case, stitch a pocketed carrier for a book, water bottle, etc. possibilities are endless!

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