A Crochet Designer in the Making

This is how the conversation started, “Mom, do you have any yarn with all different fall colors?”

My response, “What do you want to make with it?”

Her reply was simple, “Josephina’s shawl.”

Josephina is an American Girl doll. And while our daughters don’t own any AG dolls, they do have knock-off versions.  You see, we have a larger family than most (6 children), and we just can’t afford the actual dolls, or their outfits and accessories.  So she had devised her own plan to make one that looked like Josephina’s. (pretty smart girl!)

I knew I had something that might work for what she was describing, so we headed downstairs to my yarn store stash and we found some Vanna’s Choice Autumn Print .

In less than 24 hours, my 9 year old daughter had made this. 24 hours may seem like a long time for something so little, but sometimes the smallest things are the biggest accomplishments.  She asked for no help with figuring out the number of chains to begin with, or how many rows she would need.  She did this 100% on her own.

Rachael's doll scarf logo

What makes me even more proud is that, because of her low vision, it was a struggle for her to learn to crochet.  I went out and got her a larger hook and that helped immensely, but this is still a huge accomplishment for her (actually for any child).

This is AG Josephina, and her shawl if you’re interested in the original where she got the idea from. You can click on the picture to take you to the AG site.


Happy Crocheting!


15 thoughts on “A Crochet Designer in the Making”

  • This just warms the heart. I wish your daughter much success in anything she may choose to do. LOVE this story!

  • WOW! She is a keeper…. Pretty soon, you’ll have to change you blog title to “Ambassadors” (plural) now all she has to do is put it down on paper and I’ll be the first in line to buy her pattern!

    • Young Lady,

      I so admire your skill, and sucessful ambition. I have been trying to get my 2 daughters to learn to crochet with me all of their lives. Your Mom is so lucky to have you to crochet with. Starting at 9, you will be a designer in your own right by12.

  • That is so awesome! Can’t wait to be following her blog one day and trying out her new patterns! Give her a big high 5!

  • Your girls are amazing ! She is so clever, this is quite an accomplishment for any child and she has mastered it beautifully! She has the right Momma to show her all the necessary details to become a designer, but even if that is not her goal, she will have many years of enjoyment as a crocheter.

  • Could you post the instructions on Ravelry? i would love to make a few of these for some AG dolls that I know!

    This post was like sunshine today – congratualtions on such a terrific first design!

  • Your daughter made a beautiful shawl! This is a great start for a young person. I wish her equal success in everything she attempts.

    • She did a wonderful job , you should be proud of her.Ithink that it’s exciting that the art is being carried on, my ouw grandaughter who is 9yrs. old asked me to teach her. It made my heart melt because I was their age when I learned the craft. It looks as if your little one has her own designs too , encourage her to keep it up and have fun together at all the things that she cre

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