How to Budget for Yarn Purchases

Do you budget for yarn – or does your yarn spending feel out of control at times? Have you put yourself on a yarn diet only to break it after a month? Whether you’re on a limited income, or you’re just ready to cut back on your yarn spending, this post will guide you through some helpful tips so you can get that yarn spending under control.


Budget for yarn - Tips on how to stop spending and get spending and get that yarn stash under control.


Budget for Yarn Purchases



If you budget for yarn, kudos to you! But if you’re an impulse yarn shopper (like me) you can end up with a small yarn shop in your basement (like me!) Here are some examples and how they can be avoided.

Scenario 1


It’s getting close to Christmas. You “run” to the craft store and buy a ton of yarn because one trip will save you time. You rationalize this by saying you’ll just return whatever you don’t use. Here’s the problem with this scenario. Chances are you’re not going to return the unused yarn….trust me, I know!

Once you’ve spent some time getting prepared for your holiday gift making and you have your to-make list created, then you can start to work on the budgeting process. If you can plan what you’re making ahead of time then you’ll be able to save more than if you just wing it with each gift. Here’s an example: If you’re know you’re going to make scarves for 4 people on your list, consider the following.

Ways to Save

  • Same pattern – Only buy one scarf pattern and use different colors for each recipient. Different color(s) can give something a completely different look.
  • Same yarn – If you are making a scarf for one person and a pair of mittens for the next you may be able to share skeins. If the hat needs 1.5 skeins and and the mittens need half a skein you could use the same yarn and only buy 2 skeins instead of 3.



Scenario 2


You’re working on a project and you run out of the yarn you’re using. Again, you “run” to the craft store for another one. While you’re there you just have to wander the yarn aisles to look at what else they may have (because it’s changed so much in the past week! LOL). While perusing you notice there’s a yarn you’ve never used on sale. You decide to buy 5 skeins because it’s pretty and you’ll find a use for it. Or maybe you just buy one skein so you can test it out and see if you like it. Either way, the majority of the time it ends up sitting in a bucket for a very long time before you find a use for it.

Ways to Save

  • Make a shopping list – Before you leave your house make a list – both brand and color – of the yarn you will be purchasing.
  • Don’t look around – As tempting as it is to browse, don’t do it. It’s temptation and you will ultimately find yourself making a purchase you weren’t planning on making.
  • Purchase online – Don’t even go into the stores. Wait for free shipping coupons and buy your yarn online. You’re less likely to make unplanned purchases.



Budget for Yarn – Just do it!


Either scenario is ultimately a battle of your willpower, but you can do it! With a bit of intentional planning you will end up with far less yarn laying around at the end of the year.

If you have that small yarn store in your basement, and just buy new yarn for projects instead of using what you already have, here are 4 Easy Steps to help you organize your yarn stash.


Happy Crocheting!

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