Abbey Rose Bonnet Pattern Giveaway

It’s Thursday, which means it’s giveaway day!

This weeks pattern giveaway will be for my brand new ‘Abbey Rose Bonnet’ pattern, which will be released either later today, or tomorrow morning.

Here’s how you can enter…..My goal is to make each of my 5 daughters something unique for Christmas.  I would like each of them to get something different, so I need some ideas.  Besides the basics (hats, scarves, purse, poncho) what other ideas do you have?  My girls range in age from 2 – 11.  Winner will be randomly chosen from the comments left below.

crochet baby bonnet pattern(click above picture to go to my pattern shop and see what you could win)

To enter you need to:

1) Be a follower of this blog.

2) Answer this question…..What are your favorite girl items?

Winner will be announced Thursday morning. (10/25)


20 thoughts on “Abbey Rose Bonnet Pattern Giveaway”

  • I know one thing I would have liked (and still do) would be Amugurumi animals. I would gues that the girls probably have thier own favorite animal. And if you have one or more that like little dolls, you could do that and make little clothes for them. With the older girls, you can make the animals a littlenbigger and smaller ones for the smaller girls. I think that would be cute.

  • I already follow your blog.. I think girls might like those fingerless gloves or those amugurumi animals.. Just my thoughts! My daughter is 19 and my only grandaughter is only 1, so I really don’t have any idea what your girls would like!! LOL

  • I only have boys, but I’m planning on making my nieces who are 8 and 10 matching hats and scarves for them and their American Girl dolls. The doll clothes can get very expensive and what a treat to have extra accessories for the dolls and their own as well.

  • Fingerless gloves, wristwarmers. Headbands but not the usual…crowshadecreations on etsy has one called the trellis headband, very stylish! Ipod/MP3 holders/covers, kindle type covers, big baggy type pixie hoods, boot cuffs, crochet earrings and when my kids were young they always loved getting crochet slippers!

  • What about making them some jewelry? They could be crocheted with beads attached or even made with crocheted wire for the older girls. My other suggestion would be cloethes for new dolls.

  • Wrist Wraps! Mad Mad Me’s are amazing! There are several other awesome designs out there, too, like the scarf and fingerless glove set from The Perfect Knot. Leg warmers that could also be boot cuffs would be fun, too. Headwraps are wonderful, as well. Amigurumi dolls would be pretty cool, too. Tanya’s Tangles has an adorable pattern for princesses. Maybe they could each have a different princess. :)

  • First off…this is a beautiful pattern. I think all of your girls would like scrunchies, or other hair items. The scrunchies can be crocheted very lacy, with flowers, etc.

  • I love to make jewelry, hair doo-dads(The technical term!), and purses with lots of frills and flowers. All of the things innecessary for the body, but required for the soul. :D

  • Any little girl would love a crocheted teddy bear or other cute little animal and it could be made with fuzzy/fake fur yarn and sport weight/worsted weight yarn to make it extra plushy. Crocheted socks or slipper socks in bright colors or stripes would also be a great gift for little girls.

  • I know this sounds like I am just saying this because this pattern is a bonnet but if you go to my FB page you will see one of the things I like to make is girls’ bonnets!

  • I usually like to make for girls are beanies, headbands, legwarmers, and little purses for them. I also have made is little amigurumi Hello Kitty Dolls. They adore them!!

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