Hope Lives Chemo Hat

This is my 3rd year taking part in the Sweet Potato 3 Cancer Challenge. If you haven’t heard of it here’s a quick rundown. You receive a free pattern (the offer is for a limited time). In exchange for that pattern, you pledge to make at least 1 of that hat and donate it to cancer patients. The challenge runs all through October, which is cancer awareness month.

chemo hat for cancer patients

Hope Lives Chemo Hat

This year I’ve designed the Hope Lives Chemo Hat because…. 

Hope lives in those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Hope lives in their loved ones.

Hope lives in every doctor fighting to find a cure.

Hope lives in every nurse who cares for their patients.

Hope lives in the hearts of every person who knows or loves someone fighting for a cure.

So, this year, I pray my hat can be a reminder to keep your hope alive and never give up.

The downloadable PDF is available for purchase in my shops:


7 thoughts on “Hope Lives Chemo Hat”

  • Am I missing a coupon code? It is still charging me $5 even after starting the checkout process. Thanks!

  • If you go to the link at the very bottom of the post (Head over to Sweet Potato 3….), it will take you to the code. Hurry – it expires on 10/14!

    This is one of the nicest hats I have seen in a while and I can’t wait to make a few for our local cancer center!

  • Hi, Kristine. I read your story and it has special meaning to me. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2019, the most terrifying time in my life. While my cancer was not rare, like your husband, I was in a very small community…only 5% of people diagnosed with bladder cancer are women. It was not a club that I wanted to belong to. I had surgery to remove the cancer and I have been taking immunotherapy for the last 2 years. I keep my fingers crossed before every check up that it will not have returned. I will think of your husband and root for him every day, like I root for myself. I promise to make this hat and give it to some one who needs it. BTW, you may be interested in the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network, BCAN.org. They have walks every year to raise money for research and care. Perhaps, we could have a special something to make for the next BCAN walk!

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