How to Fasten Off Your Crochet Project

Have you ever had the perfect crochet project, that has no border, and you come to the end where it says Fasten Off and you cringe because you know you won’t be able to hide it?  Or, have you been told you should not use a knot to tie off your yarn? Here’s a way to finish without a knot and make it invisible, and give it a professional finish.

Pull up a 6″ loop and cut the end.

Pull out the end still attached to the skein.

Fasten off invisible tutorial by Ambassador Crochet

Take your needle and insert it into your second stitch, from where you ended, and pull the yarn through.

Now you are going to take your needle and go back through the center of the stitch you ended with.

DONE! Make sure you tie in your ends as usual.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Crocheting!

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