Look How Far You’ve Come!

Are you frustrated with your crochet skills, or the lack of progress you think you’re making? Don’t put your hook down yet! Below is a picture of my first crochet project. There are 5 stitches in the left corner, and 3 stitches in the right. Never-the-less I learned from it and was determined to keep going. I keep this as a reminder of how far I’ve come.

first crochet project

If you’re feeling discouraged, try a few of these tips:

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others! – Everyone is at a  different level in their skills, and each of us learns at a different speed.
  2. Pull out an old project and compare it to something you’ve made recently – I used to be embarrassed by my first project, which is why I still have it. There were errors, and I held that hook so tight it took me 60 hours to finish, but I DID IT!!! I still give myself credit for picking up a hook, and seeing it through to the end, errors and all. Now I save it for the sentimental value of it.
  3. Give yourself some credit! – If you’re just learning to crochet, give yourself credit for picking up that hook and giving it a try! If you’ve tried, but you’re ready to give up, don’t give up yet! I love the saying, “Never, never, never give up!”

If you’ve only picked up a hook once, and decided to put it down because you didn’t think you could do it, I challenge you to try again. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

2 thoughts on “Look How Far You’ve Come!”

  • Three marvelous tips! It’s so easy to become discouraged because something isn’t going quite right. I’m happy to say that when that has happened to me, it’s a lesson learned, and start hooking again. As with any craft, chances are you’re going to be the only one that sees any errors. I know some of my friends, who don’t crochet, are in awe of anything I make. I receive great satisfaction in completing a project, knowing I did it myself.

  • My last afghan I made my daughter claimed for herself before it was finished. I made a few mistakes in that one and she doesn’t even know it, you can’t tell by looking at it but I know it. I’ve been crocheting on and off for 30 years now . So mistakes don’t mean anything, they only add uniqueness to it.

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