Ready for Winter? Stay Warm with these Fireside Comforts Patterns


I’ve always loved a good cozy fire on a cold day. Fall is here, and winter is coming, so I figured now was a good time to feature some Fireside Comfort patterns . . . . patterns that you can cozy up to the fire with.

What if this year we focus more on people and spending time with them. Maybe this holiday our gifts can have a purpose . . . like getting cozy. Whether it’s with your kids, your loved ones, or just your BFF, there is something about snuggling up by a fire with some fireside comforts. Let’s connect with people this season!

If that’s your desire as well, we can help!

My Fireside Comforts blog hop focuses on patterns that you can use as you cozy up by the fire with the ones you love, alone with a good book, or with your favorite furry friend.

I reached out to some amazing designers in my network and we put together an amazing collection of patterns.

I will list a new pattern here each day (M-F). You can click over to the designer’s blog, then look for the graphic below which will have the link to get that pattern free for one day only.

Make sure you get the correct coupon code to download the pattern.


What you need to know….

  • The most current featured design will be added to the bottom every morning (Monday-Friday). This way it stays in chronological order and it’s easy to find the current pattern feature.
  • Each design will be available as a free download for 24 hours only. (8am EST through 8am EST the following day)
  • Click the photo or text to be taken to the designer’s blog. There you will find a link to the pattern.
  • Use the coupon code listed for that day’s pattern at checkout.
  • Please thank these amazing designers! The Fireside Comforts blog hop would not have been possible without each and every one of them.

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Blue Ridge Blanket Wrap by Ambassador Crochet

Coupon Code: BLANKET


Elegant Cocoon Cardigan by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

NOTE: This pattern is a direct download from Sunflower Cottage Crochet (not Ravelry). Please follow the instructions on her post here.


Marshmallow Sky Throw by Ambassador Crochet

Coupon Code: FLUFFY


Talking Flower Granny Square by Wanderland Crafts

Coupon Code: No code needed

October 7

Hygge Arrows Headband by Raffamusa Designs


October 10

The Wine Beanie by Spotted Horse Designs

Coupon Code: No code needed

October 11

Woman’s Lumber Jack Boot Socks by Krissy’s Over the Mountain Crochet


October 12

Straight and Arrow Blanket by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Coupon Code: Direct Download (no code needed)

October 13

Waves of Grain C2C Blanket by Made by Gootie

Coupon Code: C2CWOG

October 14

September Sweater by Two Brothers Blankets

Coupon Code: COMFORT22

October 17

Peppermint Candy Coasters by Ambassador Crochet

Coupon Code: COASTERS

October 18

C2C Vintage Pillow by Raffamusa Designs

Coupon Code: VINTAGEC2C

October 19

West Coast Pocket Shawl by Carroway Crochet


October 20

Ambiance Sachet by Clair de Lune Fiber Arts

Coupon Code: AMBIANCE

October 21

Elegant Bookmark Set by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Coupon Code: direct download

October 24

Sunday Snuggles Throw by Ambassador Crochet

Coupon Code: SNUGGLES

October 25

Please Note: The Buffalo Plaid Blanket download has been fixed (and she will leave it up an extra day for those that missed it.) I’ll leave up the additional pattern as an extra bonus for today. :)

Buffalo Plaid Blanket by Blackstone Designs

Vineyard Throw by Ambassador Crochet

Coupon Code: VINEYARD

October 26

Rocky Road Blanket by Ambassador Crochet

Coupon Code: ROCKYROAD

October 27

Rugged Slopes Boot Cuffs by Jo’s Crafty Hook

Coupon Code: BOOTCUFFS

October 28

Popcorn Textured C2C Blanket by Wanderland Crafts

Coupon Code: no code needed

Make sure you come back tomorrow for the next featured pattern that you can download!

Don’t forget!

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55 thoughts on “Ready for Winter? Stay Warm with these Fireside Comforts Patterns”

  • Hi!
    May i pls know how to get the October 6 pattern – Talking Flower Granny Square. It says here no coupon code is required. But when we click on the link it goes to the checkout page where we have to pay for the pattern.

    • Each day’s offer is only good for 24 hours. You can go to her site and ask, but that was the agreement I had with all the designers. Sorry you missed it.

      • I have been in the same position, you go there when you get your email saying pattern is posted in the blog hop, you click on the link, no code or it doesn’t take you to where you expect or worse, its showing as a paid pattern. So you spend all day trying to get the pattern, still not working, so you spend the majority of the night trying as well.

        For this pattern, it was very difficult to understand why it was not only going to the wrong pattern but also a cost factor. I tried right up till late that morning until it moved to the next day, which only meant had 6 hours before it changed to Day 7, I was determined that I would get it as I had 7 hours through the night to keep trying, something must change surely?

        So, there I was, trying every couple of hours during Day 6, just in case the timezone was different, as that can have the effect – I know one of the patterns releases occurred at 1pm our time! I was getting a bit upset as was really tired, then, suddenly, on 7th October, 1.52am in the morning (UK time), success…the pattern was free! You know what the best of it was – I found out that I had already got the pattern from another blog hog! If only I had checked my folders, would have been able to go to sleep that day a lot earlier…we live and learn.

        Its frustrating when you hear the words ‘its only free for 24 hours’. Like others, it was pointing to the blanket version, which as others found, was the one that wasn’t free. I changed it to the free square but as you all found, it was a paid for pattern. If I learnt anything from these blog hops, it was one thing, persistence pays off, as does keeping a record of attempts to get the pattern, screenshots of the issue, like saying its paid when should be free. I’m guessing the frustration that caused, particularly as you didn’t need a code.

        so, if you have an issue like this, first, check that you don’t already own the pattern freebie from another blog hog…I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve gone to get a free pattern that is on Ravelry and find that its already there so I post the link to the freebie as usual and add underneath, Pattern already in Ravelry Library, so I’m aware that its from another blog hog. Its easy when it is in Ravelry as you can see its in the library but when its a downloaded one, if you get notified by your download area that the pattern is already saved, that helps but its worth doing one big thing….

        If you find that you have been trying for several hours and you are not able to get the pattern as stated, this might not be the fault of the person running the blog hop, it could be the owner of the website whose running the freebie, it could be Ravelry – I can’t tell you how many times the owner of the design has notified me that there is an issue with Ravelry and they have had to change the code. So, if you get directed to the designers website and from there to another place and you cannot get the pattern as promised, send a message to the designer within the 8 hours timeframe, say like if its released at 8am, if you still haven’t manged to get it by 5pm, which is well over the timeframe, then send a message to the designer if on like Facebook, or via the email that you had the blog hog from or the actual pattern place. Then at least if you still don’t get the pattern within the 24 slot, you have the proof that not only had you tried on numerous occasions (keep you chrome or browser history and filter to that pattern page, then screenshot and attach – that’s what I do.

        Just remember, be polite, its not their fault, there are many reasons that affect why we cannot get our freebie, some beyond the designers fault. The majority of the designers, when provided with the proof that you have been trying, do either give you a new code or send you the pattern. Sometimes, its only when we notify them of an issue, that the designer or blog hog leader, realise that there is an issue. Plus of course, if you don’t get it this time, it may well come up in a future blog hop.

  • The Talking Flower Granny Blanket on 10/6 was not free. It says No code needed yet I was charged for it.

  • Day 6 pattern on Wanderland Crafts is not free. There’s only an add to cart button. I think Wanderland ended the promo early.

    How can we get the pattern as part of the blog hop since there’s not a coupon code?

  • Sadly, Wanderland did not make her pattern available until 8am. Also, the link goes to the blanket pattern and not the square pattern. Even after locating the square by itself, it still isn’t free. She either ended her promo early or something else happened. Not sure but would like the pattern if we can get it somehow (other than purchasing it). Sad it wasn’t made available per the blog hop instructions you list above.

  • hi,
    are there only 5 patterns in the Fireside Comfort Blog Hop? I have been refreshing the page since yesterday, but it only shows pattern until 6th October.

  • I’m having the same problem as Maria, I can’t see any patterns after the 6th of October. I’ve refreshed my browser and still nothing changes (this usually does the trick if I have this problem during blog hops)? Like she said, is there something wrong? Thanks for your time and running thus blog hop, fingers crossed I’ll get to see the rest of the patterns for this blog hop soon.

  • Hello,
    I don’t understand nothing, I was looking for the ambiance sachet, they are for day 20th, and today is day 20, but when I use the coupon code in ravelry, it says me that this coupon has expired :(( .
    Could you revise it please!!! They are a very cute sachets :D

  • I’m unable to use “direct download” as a code for the October 21 bookmarks and the links have a fee.

  • Kristine I would like to say a huge thank you for organizing the Fireside Comfort blog hop, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also a big thank you to all the designers that donated such wonderful patterns, I can see I am going to be very busy for the rest of the year. I look forward to another one next year hopefully.

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