FPdc – Front Post Double Crochet

Post stitches are stitches that are crocheted around the post of the stitch in the previous row, as appossed to a “normal” crochet stitch that you insert your hook into the top of the stitch in the previous round.

A Front Post double crochet (FPdc) is a dc that is crocheted around the post from front to back.  Here it is step by step.

1)  yo,

2)  insert hook from front to back, and then to front again, around the vertical post of the st.

3)  yo and pull up a loop,

4)  yo,

5)  pull through 2 loops

6)  yo,

7) pull through last 2 loops.

If you need some more help just send me a note and I’lll see if I can clarify anything better.

Happy Crocheting!

2 thoughts on “FPdc – Front Post Double Crochet”

  • How do you alternate between a fpdc and “dc in next st”? I know how to fpdc, but not sure where “next st” is.

    • The FPdc is actually in front of the stitch of the previous row. When the next set of instructions says “dc in next st” you would actually skip the stitch with the FPdc and dc in the next st. Hope that helps.

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