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Ara Blanket Square – Free Crochet Pattern

Ara Blanket Square – Free Crochet Pattern

Ara is a constellation of bright stars, so I thought it fitting to name this the Ara Blanket Square. It starts as a circle and then transitions into a star, which then changes to a square. Make one for a sampler blanket like the Friendship 

Colorburst Afghan Square

Anyone who has purchased my patterns, or been around here for a while, will know that I love clusters. If you’re knew to my blog….I love clusters! I try to incorporate them into many of my patterns. So, when it came time for me to 

Spider Stitch Afghan Square

My spider stitch tutorial is one of my most popular, so I thought I would actually create a pattern using that stitch.  The square was made for the Baker’s Dozen Group on Ravelry and is 12″ square. Finished Size:   12” square Materials Used: 3 oz. 

Wattle Stitch Afghan Square Free Crochet Pattern

Finished Size – approx. 12″ square Materials 2 oz. worsted weight yarn (I used Bernat Super value) “H” hook ch42Row 1:  (sc, ch1, dc) in 3rd ch from hook, skip next 2 chs, * (sc, ch1, dc) in next ch, skip next ch, repeat from * 

American Beauty Afghan Square Free Crochet Pattern

I decided I wanted to design a floral afghan square for the April M.O.M. in our Baker’s Dozen group on Ravelry.  I picked a rose, and added some leaves. It still wasn’t big enough, so I added some granny square rounds. Here is my free pattern. 

Mountain Ridges Textured Afghan Square Free Crochet Pattern

I love textured stitches, especially post stitches.  It can add so much depth to your project.  So, for this months square I decided to see what kind of design I could come up with using post stitches.  This square went to the March M.O.M. for 

Moss Stitch 12″ Afghan Square – Free Crochet Pattern

Two days ago I posted about finding a stitch combo that looked like the knit moss stitch.  And, as promised, here is a free pattern for you to try it out.  I made it as an afghan square, but you could easily use it as 

Basketweave Afghan Square Crochet Pattern

I love the basketweave stitch.  It is so versatile and can be adjusted to be bigger or smaller weaves.  I had to make a 12″ afghan square for my Baker’s Dozen group on Ravelry, so I decided to make one using the basket weave stitch. 

8-Petal Flower Afghan Square

A while back I was part of the Baker’s Dozen group on Ravelry.  Every month we would make a square to send to the M.O.M. (Member Of the Month).  October’s MOM said she wanted a square that had meaning to the giver, color didn’t matter.  This 

Citrus Spray Afghan Square

Update: Please note that I wrote this post long before I knew how to successfully convert UK stitches to US stitches.  I am leaving the pattern up for those in a similar situation, that are just starting out and don’t have the US version or