Stitch Guide

Getting Started


Chain Stitch (ch)

Slip Knot

Magic Ring / Magic Circle

Yarn Over (yo)


Basic Stitches


Double Crochet Variation

Extended Double Crochet (edc)

Extended Single Crochet (esc)

Half Double Crochet (hdc)

Linked Double Crochet (ldc)

Single Crochet & Chain Variation

Crocheted Version of the Knit Moss Stitch

Combo Stitches


(dc, FPdc) in next stitch

Grit Stitch – Version 1

Grit Stitch – Version 2

Openwork & Lace Stitches




Post Stitches


Back Post double crochet (BPdc)

Front Post Cluster (FPcl)

Front Post double crochet (FPdc)


Puff Stitches & Variations


Ball Stitch


Shell Stitches & Variations


Paris Stitch

Spider Stitch


Tunisian Stitches


SC Bind Off

Tunisian Purl Stitch -TPS

Tunisian Simple Stitch – TSS



Finishing Techniques